Peace on Earth

Our Mission And Invitation

All the Masters who have come before us taught us—”The Kingdom of Heaven is Within.” Our mission—through the vehicle of conscious commerce and community building—is to remind each other of the Brilliant Light of Love—that dwells within every human being. If each one of us can find that Brilliant Light of Love within, we will have done our part to return planet Earth to its original glory—a garden-paradise. We invite you to become a visionary and instrument of peace. Join us in our mission to establish peace on Earth, by doing everything you can to first find clarity and peace within yourself.

Om, Namaste, and Peace on Earth.

A Place We Can Come Together

So often we find that our individual beliefs separate us rather than bring us closer together. This point is amplified when we bring religion or spiritual beliefs into the picture. Seeing this obvious irony at play we asked ourselves, what can we do to bring people together?

We considered this question deeply. Eventually Spirit gave us a cosmic nudge to create a spiritually based consumer brand. We created a conscious consumer model that offers people from all spiritual paths, the opportunity to express their love and devotion—for the many names and faces—of all the worlds Gods, Goddesses, and Divine Beings.

If you believe in the Higher Power that most people refer to as God, you have found kindred spirits and friends here at ShakTees. It is only by the grace of this Higher Power that we are sharing this moment together now.

The Higher Power we are speaking of goes by many names, we simply refer to it as—LOVE.

Where Did The Name ShakTees Come From?

The name ShakTees is derived from the Sanskrit word Shakti. Shakti is the fundamental creative feminine energy that gives rise to all life and creation. In terms of Christian faith, Shakti is translated as Spirit, in Eastern religions we call it Chi.

Who Works at ShakTees?

ShakTees is the love project of Michael Roberson better known as Michael Fireborn. Michael is a dedicated Yogi and meditator and has been an avid student of all the worlds religions for well over 20 years. Michael creates each one of the T-shirt designs and runs most of the business himself. 

Thank You

Thank you so much for supporting and trusting us here at ShakTees. When you purchase from us you can be certain the financial gains we make are going toward making this world a better place. We plan to open our own store in the future and expand our brand to offer other items including wellness retreats and community outreach programs. If you have ideas or suggestions for us, or if you want to collaborate in making the world a better place, please reach out to us and introduce yourself.